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Drummer BRIAN TICHY Explains His Departure From WHITESNAKE Here on Blabber Mouth
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Tichy: "Something Unto Nothing is heavy in meaning. It is so heavy that even we haven't come to a final agreed summation of it. But we know that it encompasses all things. There is always a beginning and an end, but in between there is Something Unto Nothing. It is for the individual to figure out the answers. We simply provide the music for the journey!"
Tichy: "I just got a call from a bunch of Wildebeests. They want to know when the S.U.N. record is coming out so they can start their annual river crossing migration party!"
Tommy Stewart: "Not only are we extremely punctual, but we're on time too!"
Tommy Stewart: "S.U.N. is a very real, honest and personal expression of music that moves us." "Playing drums behind this music is just BIG and fun! For me, it's all about the spaces.... Spaces in music are like breathing in everyday life.... not something you're entirely conscious of BUT take it away and you'll be tuned it immediately! Then the trick is to not gasp for air and choke..... I think that might have taken the metaphor to it's logical conclusion."
TICHY:   I had played drums on Sass's 'RATS' record back in the day. I knew she she was one of the best rock singers going. So after many years, we reconnected and tried a bit of writing together. The first song was "Burned", the lead off track for the S.U.N. record. To me, this showcases Sass in all her "rock power" glory! Sass gives me chills in the same way that Steven Tyler and Robert Plant did when I first heard tracks like "Back In The Saddle" and "Black Dog."  That's what we, as a band,are trying to do; create music that gives you the same feelings you got when you first heard your favorite music. We want 'Something Unto Northing' to be in the same playlist as the ones that inspired it!"
TICHY:  "Being a drummer and playing in some of the biggest rock bands is nothing but great fun! But writing your own music and seeing it become a reality is a whole other outlet that I need to experience. I am just happy I get to do it while playing loud guitar with a badass interplanetary mountain goddess singer and a rhythm section that is like a freight train stuck in an avalanche, chased by a tsunami during monsoon season while earthquakes trigger off volcanoes and dinosaurs reappear and take over the planet!"
Tichy: "The best thing about S.U.N. is that it's a loud rock band. The next best thing is that we are extremely punctual!"
TICHY: "S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing) is not trying to reinvent the rock 'n roll wheel... we are simply having fun riding the proverbial Rock 'N Roll Train engineered by Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Van Halen."
Brian Thomas Tichy:  "SOMETHING UNTO NOTHING is a concept record. The concept is a no-frills, unfashionable, click-track/auto-tune free, loud, Gypsy Rock record."
Sass : "We didn't realize where we going when we started out, but as we continued the path from Burned to Mobile Again to Nomad and on ... The whole thing started to take shape in the form of a 70's odyssey, a time travel trajectory. We took the time machine back to the '70's, and dipped our creation in a glaze of glistening blues/soul/rock glory - then came rushing back to 2012 ready to blast into orbit. S.U.N. will forever follow the shooting stars that influenced them, bands like Bad Company, Savoy Brown, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jethro Tull, The Rolling Stones, The Faces and Cream, Derek and the Dominoes, The Allman Brothers, Cheap Trick and Foreigner."
Sass: "We didn't write this music for people that won't like it ... We wrote it for the people that WILL like it!"