If i'm fighting things that you ain't seen
Then your faith will be the tide to wash me clean
If i'm doing things that you can't do
Then your light will be the strength to see me through

Never deal a hand that you can't play
Never think a thought that you can't say
Let it fade away

Walking down a thousand roads on and on and on i go
Life will lead me there i know
Down the river i will flow ...

Riding out the storms that block the sun
Starting out again when they are done
Everything can change in just one breath
It's not what you take it's what you've left

From the day we're born until we die
We seek to know the reasons why
And time just keeps on passing by...

Something Unto Nothing Again
You gaze into the mirror of the sun
Reflecting battles you have won
Love is the reason you've become....

Something Unto Nothing Again

Love scares you more than any gun
So love's the reason that you run
Will you believe when you become....

Something Unto Nothing Again